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Goodmorning everyone! I Start today with a new section of this blog, about nutrition, Lifestyles and Health. I know that many of you play sports, so you probably want to know which foods can improve your performance.  I will try to broaden our vision on what we eat because it is becoming more and more clear (and I am referring to scientific evidence) what its effect is on our health and well-being.

From recent evidence it is clear that over the next few years, the medical community will have to deal more and more with chronic non-degenerative diseases (eg. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome) and tumors. These diseases are the main topic at medical conferences around the world. One big concern is the social cost of all this and we are“running out of runway.”

It is important to know that we can do something to avoid these chronic non-degenrative diseases especially if we have the “right”lifestyle and try to stay healthy in order to guarantee a healthy and dignified aging, especially, being able to live independently until the last days of our …

Since the 60s there have been studies to understand what were the possible effects between our lifestyle and certain diseases (including cancer). This is not to say that there are no other environmental risk factors (most notably air pollution) that have a strong influence, but the data show that one-third (30%) of chronic non-degenerative and some cancers are the result of factors such as lifestyle and diet. There is quite a bit we can do to avoid these diseases but we need to be aware of the factors and take the responsibility for our health and act accordingly.

My objective here is to work together to try to stay healty. I will provide you with scientifically proven research and you can send me your questions and comments on the blog. Talk next week!

GOOD HEALTH TO EVERYONE! Dr. Chiara Zaglia – Psychotherapist


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