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HorizonSports is a nature sports & lifestyle TV and video platform that is the single best destination for a broad selection of contents that caters to people who hike, run, cycle, love mountains and want to be more active in nature. HorizonSports aims to be the “Netflix” of the outdoors. Discover!

 HORIZONSPORTS’ easily accessible programming on one screen (mobile App, TV, computer) allows you to choose from on-demand, live sports coverage or TV viewing. Over half of the contents cover more than twenty sports ranging from running to cycling to climbing, kiting and all of the new endurance sports including ULTRA marathons and adventure racing.

We have the best international stories, films, nature sports coverage and programs dedicated to nature sports and active lifestyles. Reaching you through our premium subscription based video platform that is distributed by payTV, OTT or directly through and is viewable on any device.

Whether you are an expert, a weekend participant or a beginner, HorizonSports  offers videos and stories adapted to your level and your expectations. If you like hiking, trail running, trekking, Nordic walking, kayaking, cycling, mountain biking, triathlon, mountaineering, camping, skiing, Stand Up Paddle…and much more then explore and sign up to HorizonSports :

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The Outdoor Sports and lifestyle ecosystem – a growing adventure

tor15_runner nightWalking, Hiking, cycling , paddling, climbing, running and many other activities that take place outdoors are becoming ever more popular worldwide. Visits to outdoor parks have increased by double digits in the last couple of years. The number of people who chose to vacation in a travel and adventure destination has grown by over 23% in 2014. Outdoor sports are not only growing in terms of participation, but also in the number of new sports categories. The outdoors has become the place to test yourself and push yourself to never imagined limits.  But at the same time, it remains a family-friendly environment for recreation and enjoyment at a leisurely pace, followed by a picnic or meal in a mountain lodge. Regardless of the activity, being outside in nature in all seasons, terrain or weather is an adventure for all levels of expertise.

The outdoors is a complex ecosystem we seek to sustain.  The outdoor sports and recreation community is very large as well, including parks, associations, events, equipment, technology and clothing manufacturers that play various roles in helping people enjoy the outdoors. Enjoyment of the outdoors is promoted by outdoor videos taken by amateurs and/ or professionals. At Horizons Sports, anyone can upload videos of their outdoors experiences to share with friends and like-minded outdoor sports enthusiasts and hopefully inspire more people to explore the great outdoors.  We will nurture passion for the outdoors by using video media to bring the outdoor sports and recreation world to you.

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